Published May 31, 2016

Joseph “Rambo” Hunter, Paul Le Roux’s Former Enforcer, Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison

An update to “The Mastermind” series

Evan Ratliff
Published April 28, 2016

The Next Big Deal

Episode 7

Evan Ratliff
Published April 18, 2016

Eyes Everywhere

Episode 6

Evan Ratliff
Published April 14, 2016

He Got Greedy

Episode 5

Evan Ratliff
Published March 30, 2016

Absolute Fear

Episode 4

Evan Ratliff
Published March 24, 2016

He Always Had a Dark Side

Episode 3

Evan Ratliff
Published March 17, 2016

I’m Your Boss Now

Episode 2

Evan Ratliff
Published March 15, 2016

New revelations about Catherine Lee’s accused killers

An update to Episode 1

Evan Ratliff
Published March 10, 2016

An Arrogant Way of Killing

Episode 1

Evan Ratliff
Published February 1, 2016

The Life and Death and Life of Magazines

Evan Ratliff
Published February 1, 2016

My wife found my email in the Ashley Madison database

Will you believe me when I tell you I didn’t put it there?

Evan Ratliff
Published October 23, 2013


<div> What does it take to disappear in the digital age? In 2009, writer Evan Ratliff vanished, and <em>Wired</em> magazine offered its readers $5,000 if they could track him down. Thousands joined in on the month-long manhunt, both in real life and online.&nbsp;</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> <em>Vanish</em>&nbsp;reimagines the original award-winning magazine story, with never-before-seen footage Ratliff recorded while on the lam.&nbsp;</div>
Published June 28, 2013 • Buy for Subscription Only

The Oilman’s Daughter

<p> What would you do if you were given the opportunity to become another person—one whose life promised to be more glamorous and prosperous than your own? That was the question posed to Judith Patterson when, at age 33, she met the birth mother who had given her up for adoption as a child, who now revealed to her an extraordinary secret. Patterson, her mother told her, was the illegitimate daughter of a Texas oil mogul, one of the most powerful businessmen in the country in his day. The news sent Patterson on a two-decade search for the truth about her identity—and part of the fortune she believed she was owed. The only problem was that someone else had gotten to it first. </p> <p> Patterson’s pursuit of the truth would grow into an obsessive personal quest laced with love, deception, and danger. In <em>The Oilman’s Daughter,</em> Evan Ratliff sets out to untangle a family drama that raises questions about the durability of identity, the slipperiness of truth, and the ways that greed can turn even the closest relatives into strangers.</p> <p> June 2013</p>
Evan Ratliff
Published January 26, 2011 • Buy for Subscription Only


The robbers had a helicopter, explosives, and inside information on a $150 million cash repository...

<p> The robbers had a crew of two dozen specialists, a stolen helicopter, perfectly-designed explosives, and inside information on a $150-million cash repository in Stockholm. The police were on to them—or so they thought. What happened next would make headlines around the world, but the robbery was just part of the story. Evan Ratliff presents the inside tale of one of history’s most elaborate heists, and the race to unravel it.</p> <p> January / February 2011</p>
Evan Ratliff